As Only God Can Love

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A Lifetime of Companionship with Meher Baba
by Darwin C. Shaw
Hardcover / Paperback 628 pp

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Darwin Shaw was 24 when he first heard of Meher Baba and 26 when he met Baba in 1934. His tale of life with Meher Baba starts in the 1930s, wends its way through the 1940s--when he was an integral participant in readying the Meher Spiritual Center for Baba's first visit in 1952--through Baba's three visits to the Center in 1952, 1956 and 1958; the "Three Incredible Weeks" in India in 1954 and the "East-West Gathering" in India in 1962.

It is a superb account: lively, honest and loving, truly a must-read.


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