Meeting Meher Baba

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In his memoir Meeting God in Human Form, author Rick Chapman unfolds the tale of his journey to India as a graduate student, his discoveries there, his correspondence with Meher Baba's secretary Adi K. Irani and his hopeless hope to meet Meher Baba -- who was generally in deep seclusion in this late phase of His work (in the late 1960s).  At the conclusion of the book, the author gives a wonderfully detailed, absorbing account of his meeting with Meher Baba.  Recently describing that account, the author observed:

"[I]n my brief visit to His home at Meherazad, Meher Baba literally described in a few words the essence of the Spiritual Path, the crux of all mysticism and spiritual striving, the heart and soul of the quest for God-realization. Read it and weep--weep the tears of joy that can follow a personal meeting with God in Human Form, for it is my belief that Meher Baba designed my meeting to be shared with all who would come afterwards, all who could not be there to meet Him in the flesh of His Divine Avataric Form, all who might come to long to be in His Presence themselves. May this Meeting do for you what it has done for me, that is, create a growing longing to find the Lord of Love and to know Him and live for Him and with Him and ultimately to see Him as He really is, the One Reality, our own True Self, the Divine Beloved of the Divine Romance that is open to all but availed of by only a few."

Soft cover, 90 pages


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