Scenes from Meher Baba’s Tour of Andhra, 1954 (DVD)

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24 min.

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In February and March 1954, shortly after his first public declaration of his Avatarhood, Meher Baba toured the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Thousands thronged to see him, witnesses to the God-man’s glory as he journeyed from town to town. Fortunately a filmmaker followed with a 16mm camera and captured a myriad of moments that would otherwise have gone unseen: Baba ascending stairs against the background of a beautiful blue sea, playfully riding a merry-go-round, tenderly embracing a lover, majestically greeting darshan attendees as the Lord of Love, and striding with his companions across the countryside.

This DVD enhances the source material, slows the footage down, and highlights intimate moments. It gives us the opportunity to share with his Andhra lovers the immediacy and wonder of the Beloved’s presence. These visual vignettes and tableaus combine with an original instrumental score by the Consortium of the Arts to create a vivid experience for devotion and meditation.


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