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Meher Baba's Perspective on the Descent of God on Earth
James H. McGrew
310 pp

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For the first time, Avatar Meher Baba’s insights and revelations about the nature of the Avatar and the known Avatars throughout history have been compiled into one volume. As explained in the introduction by Rick Chapman, McGrew actually met Avatar Meher Baba in 1966, one of the rare seekers permitted to do so during Baba’s final years of seclusion and universal work.

Although McGrew uses Avatar Meher Baba’s explanations to illustrate how all the major world prophets are connected, he does not shy away from acknowledging their differences. For example, Avatars such as Jesus and Baba himself placed emphasis on the personal side of God, whereas Buddha and Muhammad focused on the impersonal. But these apparent conflicts are resolved through Baba’s teachings by observing how they are merely different facets of the same diamond, or “beads on one string.”


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