The Joyous Path by Heather Nadel

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The Joyous Path

The Life of Avatar Meher Baba's Sister, Mani

By: Heather Nadel

2-Volume, Hardcover Set 1170 pp.

Two volume book about Mani is now available.

Manija S. Irani (1918-1996), Meher Baba's younger sister, and one of His closest disciples, was a vivacious personality, a gifted writer, a sensitive musician, and an integral participant in all phases of Meher Baba's spiritual work.  Long awaited, Heather Nadel's detailed, two-volume biography of Mani has at last been published.
Heather Nadel, an American devotee of the Master who has made her home in India for many years, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.  Heather, who worked with Mani as her personal assistant, has created an intimate portrait of Mani's life-long devotion to her "God-brother," her experiences in His company, and her role among His close woman mandali.


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