The Real Treasure V by Rustom Falahati

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The latest in a series of five books by Rustom Falahati. This fifth volume is the first to be printed in the U.S. 

The Real Treasure V contains short stories which would help Baba lovers deal with everyday situations keeping Baba's pleasure in mind at all times. If one can keep Beloved Baba's pleasure at all times and in all things then one's remembrance of Baba becomes constant and natural. In this manner, one ends up loving Him the way He wants to be loved. In loving Him, one can finally love the good, the bad and the ugly as Him. In loving Him, one can overcome the resentment one feels for people who cause them grief and pain and finally love them too. To love Him in this way, would help one finally realize that all characters are nothing but Him and that He alone exists.

About the Author: Rustom, a professional Marine Engineer, quit his job for the sake of an opportunity to live and work with Avatar Meher Baba's Mandali. He lived with them for nearly eleven years from 1989 to 2000.


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