The Path of Love

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by Avatar Meher Baba
Paperback 129 pp

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In 1952 Filis Frederick asked Avatar Meher Baba if she could start a magazine published in America for the Westerners. Meher Baba was most enthusiastic about this project, and helped her throughout the years by sending her “exclusives.” Many of His directives, talks, prayers and general doings found their way into this little magazine, The Awakener, before ever seeing print elsewhere.

In The Path of Love we can read a selection of the best and most important writings to be published in The Awakener. It is a collection of Avatar Meher Baba’s teachings which covers the whole range of religious and spiritual ideas from basic theories about God and the nature of man to advice on how to conduct our daily lives on the spiritual path.
(Filis Frederick did not write an autobiography, nor a biography of Avatar Meher Baba. As a written remembrance of Him, she continuously published The Awakener. )


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