Prem Ashram Memories: Esfandiar Vesali (DVD)

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38 minutes.

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In 1927, Esfandiar Vesali left his native Iran to study at the Prem Ashram, Meher Baba's school for boys at Meherabad/India. Although he arrived with secular educational ambitions, an initial exposure to Sufi poetry awakened in him a longing for God, a flame that Baba fanned.

In this interview, Esfandiar shares his intensified experiences of the spiritual path over the course of twenty months: from moments of sublime bliss to struggles with powerful negative thoughts to the increasing understanding of the significance of the Master.

He discovers that Baba knows his innermost being and that he can join the Divine Beloved deep in his heart. As Esfandiar simply and naturally shares his memories of the School of Love, his words carry the vibrancy of poetry.

This DVD lets us , the viewers, receive a vivid glimpse of life in the Prem Ashram, where a precocious and articulate young lover learns the nuances of the game of love. Esfandiar's reminiscences are interspersed with period photographs and choral music as well as scenes from The Prem Ahram, a play presented by Sufism Reoriented in 1981.


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