Because of Love

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My Life and Art with Meher Baba
by Rano Gayley
Hardcover 132 pp
Published 1983

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In 1935 Meher Baba wrote to Rano telling her He wished her to go on with her art work, despite her own feeling that it had little to do with living a spiritual life. "I want you to" He said, "for it keeps you always thinking of your Beloved, and is one of the noblest expressions of love. With the depth of feeling and love you have for me, you will bring out something that is marvelous, being the expression of Love Divineā€¦" Rano joined Baba's Ashram in 1937, and stayed till she passed on in 1986.

The first 61 pages of the book are the intimate details of her life with Baba.
The next 20 pages detail the Ten Circles Chart Baba had her draw. She continually asked "Why Baba?" when He would tell her to put a horse here, a plane there, etc. "Don't ask questions; just do as I tell you" was His continual response.

The last section shows, full page, 27 exquisite head studies in pencil she did of Baba; approximately half the total number she produced from 1969-1982. Also shown are the first charcoal portraits she drew in 1937.


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