Cooking With Katie

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by Katie Irani
Paperback 293 pp
Published 2001

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Katie Irani had never cooked anything until Meher Baba asked her to start during the Blus Bus Tours in 1939. From her own account, Katie learned the hard way, but with time and practice she became an excellent cook. Many a visitor to Meherazad has a drawer-full of Katies's recipes scribbled on small pieces of paper. Now they can throw out the paper bits as Katie has finally put all those wonderful recipes into a spiral-bound cookbook, complete with stories of her life with Baba. Dishes are Irani, Parsi, Western and Maharashtrian-style, reflecting Baba's own preferences. Try the Raita. The recipes are simple and attention has been given to listing substitutes when ingredients might not be available in the West, and amounts are adjusted to food sizes available in the West. With charming illustrations by Wodin.


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