Francis Brabazon – Poet of the Silent Word – A Modern Hafiz

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by Ross Keating
Paperback 331 pp
Published 2002

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This is the definitive biography of Baba's Australian Mandali member by Ross Keating. Francis wrote the book Baba said, "of all books it is second in importance to God Speaks" — Stay With God.

Francis Brabazon was responsible for bringing Baba to Australia — twice, in 1956 and 1958, both times building a house for Him to stay in.

Keating starts with Brabazon's humble beginnings as a farmer, through the 1930s when Francis was a budding artist and well-respected in the Australian art scene, and then takes us up to and beyond the 10 years he spent in Meherazad with Baba.

A scholarly treatise, but eminently readable.


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