Glow International Magazine — A Journal Devoted to Meher Baba

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Beloved Archives, Inc.

Magazine 28 pp.

Summer 2015: Lead stories: SPIRITUAL LESSONS: At the Feet of the Master

THE BIOGRAPHER'S BIOGRAPHY: Meeting Meher Baba at the Devonshire Retreat and THE EMERGENCE OF MEHER BABA: His Origins and Spiritual Authority

Other articles include:
(1) Spiritual Lessons
Meher Baba's words from the notes of Dr. C. D. Deshmukh, collected by Anna Khandale.
(2) The Emergence of Meher Baba
In Part 2 and 3, Ray Kerkhove from Australia writes about the origins of Meher Baba and his spiritual authority.
(3) Beginnings of Meher Baba's Spiritual Work
Dr. Jamie Newell examines the strong symbolism in the establishment of Meher Baba's Ministry.
(4) The Biographer's Biography
Excerpts from a biography of Meher Baba's biographer, Charles B. Purdom by Bob Mossman to be published this summer.
(5) Meeting in the Heart
Mischa Rutenberg, writer and composer of songs devoted to Avatar Meher Baba.


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