Just To Love Him

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Talks & Essays About Meher Baba
by Adi K. Irani
Paperback 140 pp
Published 1985, Reprinted 2007

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It was Adi K. Irani's role during a large part of his life to talk about his master, Meher Baba. Over the course of more than two decades, he was tirelessly eloquent in sharing with people all over the world insights born out of his many years of experience as a close disciple and Meher Baba's secretary. Just To Love Him is a collection of the best of those public talks, all of which convey the vibrancy of Adi's own conviction of Meher Baba as the Avatar of the Age. Full of common sense, intelligence and love, these talks are a treasure for any seeker trying to find Him through today's maze of contradictory spiritual advice.


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