Letters from the Mandali of Avatar Meher Baba Volume 2

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Compiled by Jim Mistry
Paperback 176 pp
Published 1983

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The letters, written both before and after Meher Baba dropped His body, contain varying amounts of Baba’s active participation, but up until 1969 they were written with His knowledge and at His direction by Mani, Eruch, Adi, Padri, Francis, Bal, Bhau and Dr. Donkin. After that time they were written by the mandali on their own but in the advice given and the love transmitted, they carry the weight of what the mandali learned in their long, close association with the Avatar. They were written to individuals, but they provide insights into the same questions that plague Baba lovers today and you may well find in these letters the answers to some of your own questions.


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