The Dance of Love

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My Life with Meher Baba
by Margaret Craske
Paperback 193 pp
Published 1980

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Margaret Craske was a world famous ballet teacher and was used to the harsh discipline that the dance required. However, before her first day’s contact with Meher Baba was over, she said, “I only knew that from that moment, whatever rough treatment He may have afterwards handed out there has never been a moment’s doubt as to His being the embodiment of love and life.” Still teaching ballet at the age of 92, Miss Craske was a no-nonsense type of person with a wicked sense of humor. This shows through in her writings, and her book is filled with stories of Baba’s inner circle from 1931 on. She tells us of the time when they were staying in Portofino, Italy, and Baba suddenly asked her to give Him a dance lesson! “This was fun of the highest order! I took His hand and showed Him a simple 1-2-3- hop step. No obstacles. He took it at once and then, hand in hand we flew round the garden path. And I really mean flew. He could move as no one else has ever moved—with joy, freedom, rhythm. And I knew, without intellectualizing it, that dancing was, is, and always will be a part of God.”


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