The Memoirs of a Zetetic

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My Life with Meher Baba
by Amiya Kumar Hazra
Paperback 371 pp
2nd Edition, Published 2001

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This is my favorite collection of stories of the relationship between a lover and Beloved Avatar Meher Baba. Amiya's stories are dominated by the charm of Beloved Baba's presence. So naturally, I hope that you will have the same experience of finding that these stories are among those you find worthy of retelling or recollecting. At the heart of them is Amiya Kumar Harza, the author. Beloved Baba was amused by his childlike nature, and obviously enjoyed playing with him. Baba expressed that Amiya was His, "most disobedient son." Even Amiya doesn't know precisely all that this may imply. However, if you read the stories you will see that Amiya disobeys Baba's orders at various times. Rather than causing Baba to reject him, though, Amiya's disobedience appears to have been humored by Baba.


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