The Nothing and The Everything

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by Bhau Kalchuri
Hardcover 344 pp
Published 2009, 2nd Edition

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The Nothing and The Everything was written by Bhau Kalchuri, Baba's Mandali, under the explicit direction and guidance of Meher Baba.

In June of 1967 Meher Baba began dictating to his young disciple, Bhau Kalchuri, spiritual points to be made later into a book which Baba titled The Nothing and The Everything. Baba gestured to Bhau, "this is an important book. I will give you ten percent of the Book I wrote in 1925 and 1926". Here Baba is referring to a book He wrote in His own hand in seclusion and which was referred to as "the Book". The whereabouts of this Book are currently unknown.

The Nothing and The Everything is rich with content including, the You Alone Exist prayer, the stories of The Mischievous Chicken and The Two Kings, and the final section, Infinite Intelligence.



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