The Ocean of Love

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My Life with Meher Baba
by Delia DeLeon
Paperback 256 pp

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Pete Townshend of The Who, in his introduction to Ocean of Love, wrote: "At times she seemed almost selfish in her driving commitment. As a composer I tried in vain to echo the endless love song that was her life, and felt embarrassed whenever she became impatient with me. It seems that it was Delia who Meher Baba chided with 'Don't worry, be happy.' Perhaps there are others who worry as much as she, but I doubt it. Her passion, constancy, meticulousness, and enormous anxiety have all blended to produce an endearing eccentricity that enriched my life. The has been possible because her tendency to worry―which she enjoys sharing with her helpers as much as possible―has always been tempered with the most extraordinary and mischievous sense of humor...Meher Baba is the personification of pure love at a magnitude and power unimagined since the advent of Jesus. Reading Delia's story, The Ocean of Love, so carefully told here, is like watching a tiny paper boat being swept away by the force of a massive hurricane."


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