The Wayfarers

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Meher Baba with the God-Intoxicated
by William Donkin
Hardcover 576 pp
Published 1948

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Dr. William Donkin, British medical officer and world-class adventurer met Meher Baba in London in 1933. Immediately after becoming a doctor in 1939, Donkin joined Baba on His whirlwind mast tours across India. In The Wayfarers, Dr. Donkin records with meticulous detail Meher Baba’s work with masts, or God-intoxicated souls. Baba called these souls His children, advanced souls who became so enchanted by the intensity of love in the inner worlds that, to most people, they appear insane. Baba insisted on contacting every mast He possibly could,and set His disciples the task of finding them in the remote villages throughout India. Meher Baba makes an immense contribution to both psychology and metaphysics in His descriptions of altered states of consciousness. He clarifies distinctions between “insanity” and “God-intoxication” never before understood in the Western world. These explanations should prove invaluable to psychiatrists, psychologists and others who must learn to differentiate psychopathology from genuine experiences of transcendent awareness.

This book includes two large, full-color fold-out maps (suitable for framing), plotting the path of Baba’s trek in search of masts throughout India from 1922 to 1949. Every incredible contact in this period with masts, with the mad, with the poor, with spiritual aspirants and saints is carefully recorded in this tome for the ages. The Wayfarers is especially enhanced by the fact that Meher Baba Himself read and corrected the final manuscript.


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