Listening To The Silence

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by Nan Umrigar

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Nan’s story that began with her best-selling book, Sounds of Silence, reached out to touch hearts all across the world. Her journey that started alone has now been joined by countless others whose pain and sadness have been washed away, and their lives turned around, by the healing love of Meher Baba - a spiritual Master from the higher realms.
Her son Karl’s loving and caring messages of hope from the spirit world inspire and stir the hearts, and strengthen the resolve of those who come forward to listen to the silence within and find their own answers - through the grace of the Master. Through these answers, Nan`s own life begins to take on a deeper spiritual meaning.

Her story now moves compellingly forward, interwoven with a collection of personal, heart-touching narrations of the wondrous experiences people have had - when they have opened their hearts to the Master. In Listening to the Silence, Nan shows how the Master works only and absolutely - through the power of love. She also shares with us her deeper understanding of the evolution of consciousness, life and death, karma, compassion, love and forgiveness, and of the onward journey of the soul.

More importantly, Listening to the Silence, gives you the strength to triumph over adversity, to evolve your own path and lead a life of self-fulfillment.


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