Sexuality on the Spiritual Path

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by Don Stevens
Paperback 206 pp
Published 2007

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When I first heard that Don Stevens and some of his companions were putting together a book on sex and spirituality, I admit I was not overly intrigued as I had already read just about everything Meher Baba ever said in print about sex. Therefore I was not sure what more, new to my understanding, could be offered. However I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find that indeed seekers who had gone before me were able to explore Baba's words and actions in regard to sex and spirituality in ways I never anticipated. This ambitious project brought together some of the most eloquent Meher Baba followers around today to speak about sexuality on the spiritual path, spotlighting the experiences of homosexuals, but giving room for bisexual and heterosexual sharing as well...All in all, these topics are universal and yet brought to bear on the intensely personal relationship with the Divine that seekers of Truth the world over deal with every day. This book is a must-read for any Baba lover who has struggled with sexuality in relation to their spiritual life.


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