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by Charmian Duce Knowles
Paperback 317 pp
Published 2004

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In this delightful, long-awaited chronicle, Charmian tells the story of her very full life in Meher Baba's service, which began when she was only 18. Over the last 21 years of Baba's life, Charmian spent 100 days in His physical company. She traveled with Him across America and Europe, assisting during the critical period of Baba's automobile accident in 1952 in Oklahoma and His subsequent recuperation. Charmian tells her story with sparkling humor and insight. She brings to the book the unique perspective of her life-long association with Sufism Reoriented, beginning in her teens with Murshida Rabia Martin and continuing with her mother, Murshida Ivy Duce, and her successors, as Sufism America developed under the guidance of the Avatar. The book is deeply personal and moving, and a rich addition to the literature of Meher Baba memoirs.


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