The Architecture of the Universe

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The Architecture of the Universe

A New Framework of Existence, Time, and Space

Richard Blum

Paperback 109 pp.

“If God is true and science is true then a unifying theory must exist.” The Architecture of the Universe, by Richard Blum, attempts  to bridge the divide between science and spirituality by proposing such a new unifying theory. The theory is developed by extending Meher Baba's cosmology as presented in God Speaks and uniting it with modern-day physics, in particular Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

The result is a new theory of physics, which proposes that there is something more fundamental to the universe than time and space; it is existence. Emerging out of the original contrast between Everything and Nothing, existence serves as the basic component of time and space. Time and space are viewed not just as containers for everything in the universe, but rather as substances out of which energy and mass arise. This radical viewpoint opens new realms of understanding, shedding light on mysterious aspects of quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity. At the same time the theory creates a vision unifying science and spirituality by linking the infinite transcendent reality with the finite physical universe. Simple explanations along with illustrations make this book accessible and an interesting and inspiring read for a wide audience. It appears that the apparent conflict or convergence between science and spirituality is in the air, and some of the best minds in both camps are weighing in including Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama and Stephen Hawking.

In response, The Architecture of the Universe offers an approach that seeks not only to find a way for science and spirituality to coexist but seeks a vision that unites them. Blum states, "If science is true and God is true, then a unifying theory must exist."


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