Live Again, For the First Time

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Love's Perfection In Ordinary Life Vol. 1
by Wendell Brustman, Ph.D.

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"The path on which I hope to take you with this work in two volumes is one toward Self-awareness, but in one sense a journey to nowhere. 'Here' is the place you are now, and 'here' is the place you will be all along the way. The objective is an awakening, with God-man present, to the beneficent, continuous presence of God. In order to do this, you will have to be willing to surrender your personal rules for the game of life and accept those for play of the God within. In one sense, both theology and psychology will have their due, seemingly at your expense. In another sense, it is your willingness to become ruthlessly honest and insanely alive in love for God. In consciousness terms, you can Live Again, For the First Time!"

— Wendell Brustman, from the Introduction


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