Mehera (Farsi)

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by Mehera Irani

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Mani says, “as Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna, Mary for Jesus, for this advent of Meher Baba it is Mehera who plays the leading role. This role, of being the chosen counterpart to the God-Man amounts to the highest purest, most spiritual relationship, consisting of a divine love which the world cannot imagine.” The life story of Mehera is a divine romance that fills the reader with feelings of love and purity. It is an expression of a life of true love and selfless service. Mehera’s life of devotion, as narrated by her, began with a first glimpse of the Beloved in 1922. Over the years she cared for Him, traveled with Him in the East and West and suffered with Him the pain of her Beloved’s universal work. Told in her own words, Mehera gives us an amazing biographical treasure while sharing glimpses of Baba and the other women Mandali from her unique perspective. Her overpowering love for Baba becomes almost tangible as she shares the humor and compassion woven through stories of intimate detail. For those not lucky enough to have actually been in her presence, through this book we can still get the priceless opportunity to “meet Mehera.” Filled with over 95 illustrations, many of which are from her private collection, Mehera was totally involved with the production of this book, right down to choosing the color of the dust jacket...her favorite, green.


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