In Dust I Sing

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by Francis Brabazon
Paperback 150 pp

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Of the more than 12 books that “Baba’s Poet” wrote, sadly, fewer than half are still available. In Dust I Sing is the only book of ghazals written by Francis, and he says... “Why Meher Baba put the idea of an English ghazal into my head can only be explained in terms of whim—that He had a whim for a new kind of poetry for His entertainment; a poetry with its root in the perfection of Hafiz but contemporary in language and image, and which would be the ideal vehicle for the new dialogue of the Lover and the Beloved which will be the New Humanity.” Francis was Australian down to his toenails, and while he has written some of the most exquisitely beautiful words of praise to the Beloved, the Australian slang and the rough words of the ‘Outback’ wanderer come through in many of his works.


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