God Speaks

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by Avatar Meher Baba
Hardcover 313 pp

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No other work has yet been published which takes the reader so deeply into the fundamental mechanics of life and the universe. God Speaks is a minutely detailed description of the journey of the soul from the time of its “creation” until it has completed its function in the evolution and involution of consciousness, and has returned to the Over-soul from which it originated.

The flowering of each stage in the developmental pattern is described from several standpoints; and the characteristics and difficulties of certain key steps along the way are considered in detail. In reading God Speaks one has the sense of an unlimited breadth of viewpoint in which the teachings of all the great world religions are literally brought together “like beads on one string.” The wisdom of all are incorporated into a comprehensive description of the goal of Creation, and certain misunderstandings of the teachings of the Messengers of the ages are deftly corrected, so that a consistent fundamental pattern of the origins and destiny of man emerges.

Students of philosophy and religion will find much material which is entirely new or which had previously been advanced only in very fragmentary form. With precision and lucidity Avatar Meher Baba clarifies and defines formerly diffuse spiritual concepts.


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