Meditations and Prayers on 101 Names of God

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The 101 names of God that are the subject of this book derive from a misty antiquity, but they retain a remarkable freshness even today. They form part of the ancient Zoroastrian prayer compilation which can be traced back at least 2000 years, and is traditionally associated with the Prophet Zoroaster himself. These names are all in Old Persian, an Indo-European language with close affinities to Sanskrit. These names also continue to form part of the regular Zoroastrian litany of prayers, both among Zoroastrians in Iran and Parsis of India.

Michael Kovitz brings to bear his own creative interpretation in the meditations on the 101 divine names that comprise this book. He draws upon spiritual symbolism from a variety of sources, including Hindu, Christian, Sufi, and Buddhist themes. An accomplished musician and poet, he reflects with sincerity and passion upon the divine qualities inherent in these names. I hope that this book of meditations will bring this remarkable ancient prayer to a new and appreciative audience.


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