What is God?

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God being infinite, the question can be answered in an infinite number of ways and words. But answers are not Truth. Answers are not experience. It is possible, however, for every man and woman to experience personally 'What God Is.'

Indeed it is the birthright of every man and woman. It is the goal of all life. Creation sprung up for God to have conscious experience of Himself as the shoreless ocean of infinite power, knowledge and bliss. Creation is the effect of God's whim to know or will-to-be conscious of Himself.

My Message today, to those who love Me and believe in my life, is that in order to escape this cosmic illusion, and to realize and attain the supreme reality, we must abide by the following:

First, and foremost our complete surrender to the God-Man, in whom God reveals Himself in His full glory, His infinite power, His unfathomable knowledge, His inexpressible bliss, and His eternal existence.

Avatar Meher Baba


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