The Golden Book of Praise

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by Francis Brabazon

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When Meher Baba first came to Australia in 1956, He told Francis He would like to hear some songs. Francis was mortified! At that time not even one Baba song had been written (in the West, at least), so he set himself to writing Let Us The People Sing (now out of print). This contained words only, but he occasionally suggested melodies from old folk songs, e.g., The Dawn Light Breaks can be sung to Londonderry Air (O Danny Boy). But with all his subsequent compositions, Francis was perfectly happy for musicians to compose their own melodies to his lyrics. In 1981, Filis Frederick learned that most of Francis’ songs had not been published, but were journeying around the world in musicians’ well-worn notebooks. “I felt it was high time they were presented as they deserved to be, for the general public to play and enjoy.” They became Volume 20, #1 of the Awakener magazine. This book has 107 songs, words and music included.


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